May 22, 2011

Sleepy Bunny

“Mommy!” my little one yelled from the side door of our house, “Come quick! There’s a sleeping bunny!”

I came running. We get bunnies from time to time. Bunnies in our yard always remind me of Watership Down and I always apologize if ever I have to I start up our hrududu and drive off while they are nearby.

Never have we  seen one ever taken a nap in our yard. Sure enough though, there it was in the fur, lying on its side and snoozing just 10 feet from our door. I ran for the camera to get a few shots but I had trouble focusing well through the screen. So I got brave and slowly opened the door. The bunny didn’t move. Maybe it knew that I was the one who had put out the celery leaves for her the previous day. Either way…

sleepy bunny lounging

Slowly, she roused herself,

sleepy bunny


 sleepy bunny stretch 


 sleepy bunny stretch yawn

…and yawned again. Finally she sat up for a minute to collect herself. Then she hopped off.

I put out some carrots for her after that. Fingers crossed she comes back to find them.

May 20, 2011

Coil Pot

Remember that coil pot on the bisque shelf I said would require some extra special mulling? Well, it’s all mulled and finished and it’s just perfect, if you ask me.

I love it!

May 18, 2011

Auto Body Repairs and Oil Change Opportunism

I love this photograph! I snapped it this week with my new, fabulous iphone while I was waiting for the mechanics to finish doing an oil change on my car.  This car, as they told me, is some mint something-or-another with an $8,000 paint job (who DOES that??). They bring it every week to one of those pop-the-hood car shows. They say they make some really decent money buying, fixing up, and selling cars like this.

It all reminded me of the auto body work I did way back when I was in high school. I had worked for several summers at a very cool snack bar at our local ferry dock to Fire Island. I loved working there because all of the Manhattan weekenders would come through on their way to their island bungalows and it made me feel like I was a part of all of that. Difficult bosses excepted, it was a great experience.

Anyway, I had saved up my money and bought myself this awesome Volkswagon Superbeetle convertible. It was the most fabulous thing, I felt like the cat’s meow driving it. The honeymoon lasted for a while and even included the great day when it made an appearance in the high school homecoming parade.

volkswagon beetle 3

This was the photo that made it into the yearbook. That’s me in the back seat all the way on the right and that’s my dad driving the car.

But alas, like most old beetles, mascara and blush could only get it so far before the rust started to become a serious problem.  Once we started to dig around looking for it, we discovered that it was covering most of the body of the car. It was so severe that it ate through much of the floor. Funny, we still needed to use the car at that point so we simply drove it without most of the floor. We were driving like Fred Flintstone, watching the highway speeding by under our feet! I kid you not.

volkswagon beetle 2

Here I am on the day we started digging around for rust. I was heartbroken as you can see.

 volkswagon beetle
And it only got worse.

It was a long and grueling process and I learned more about fiberglass and Bondo than I would ever have wanted to, but in the end we too turned a profit. We sold it for twice what I bought it for.

Not bad for a couple of rookies.

May 06, 2011

What Photography and Allowance have in Common

Shev just got a some good shots of me with this new ceramic tray. I think I'm going to double her allowance.

Thanks, duckie!