April 20, 2011

On the bisque shelf

Here’s a peek at some of the pieces on my bisque shelf today. I’m now in “glaze inspiration” mode. That’s when I mull over what combinations of glazes I think will work best on which surfaces.

I admit, some mulling is quicker than other mulling. That coil pot in the back, I fear, will require some extra special mulling.

April 17, 2011

Springtime blooms

After the winter thaw, it’s such a delicious relief to see the blooms of spring, wouldn’t you say?

After my mother died, we planted one of her favorite trees—a  Weeping Japanese Cherry—in our backyard. Each year without fail, it blooms exactly in time for Passover. Happy spring, everybody!

April 07, 2011


This makes my eyes happier than you can ever know.