June 04, 2018

Custom Handmade Stoneware Mugs, your wish (within clay reason) is my command

Latest in the adventures of the glazedOver pottery studio are custom handmade stoneware mugs. It's basically whatever you'd like to see on a mug, from your dog to your boat to your business card. We've created anything from eccentric music lyrics to a set of mugs commemorating the rekindling of an old flame that included the room key he kept from the overnight tryst thirty years prior (be still my heart!). 

Check out some of our latest mugs for inspiration or drop us an email to discuss your creative idea. Let's collaborate! 

Just Married Mr. and Mrs Mugs

Pretty maids all in a row

If you can guess the breed then I'm the bomb

DMB forever

Because who doesn't love an orca

Local flavor close to our hearts

We're all mermaids

You're a star, baby

Best in show

The good life

Coming to a theater near you

Robert Moses Causeway, Long Island

Rock Lobster


Life's a beach

Clam bar special

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