July 25, 2014

Kiln Hiccup

Bisque firing didn’t reach temp. Turns out I needed new elements, thermocouples, and relays…all those cone 6 firings finally caught up with me. Cost me a few weeks and a few bucks but I should be good as new by day's end, fingers crossed. Filing this one in the "Overhead of Life" folder.

bisque ware mugs glazedOver Pottery
The ill fated bisqueware

spent kiln heating elements glazedOver Pottery
The spent heating elements

connecting heating elements glazedOver Pottery
Heating elements waiting to be connected

control box glazedOver Pottery
The control panel

kiln thermocouples glazedOver pottery
New thermocouples

kiln wiring diagram glazedOver pottery
Wiring diagram

kiln kitty cat glazedOver Pottery 
Kiln inspector

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