June 25, 2012

Insomnia and Max

Insomnia has been my reality for years. On the nights when I do manage to nod off and stay asleep for longer than just 10 minutes, I can usually sleep for about two hours, but then I’m irrevocably up for the next three. I can only start the sleep process at midnight or 1 AM, so this can be disastrous as you can imagine. Think about those numbers for a moment. Here’s the worst case scenario:

1-3 AM – sleeping
3-6 AM – awake
6-7 AM – sleeping
7 AM - alarm
That’s just crazy! That amounts to an average of three hours of sleep each night. And it’s been going on like this for YEARS! I’m justifiably twitchy at this point!
Recently, a friend suggested that I try Max Kirsten’s Insomnia Cure: Sleep Now. The first night, I had to listen to it three times. It takes a little getting used to because it gets all echo’y towards the end and that struck me as a little freaky at first. But now that I’m used to it, I don’t bat an eyelash…especially because now I’M TOO BUSY SLEEPING!!!! It’s incredible. I didn’t think that was curable, but it is. Thank you, Max!

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