March 17, 2010

glazedOver Slab Built Stoneware Mugs

Today in the glazedOver studio, I’ve been working on some custom order stoneware mugs. I make these from slabs of clay that I roll out with the slab roller that my husband surprised me with a few years ago. I kept arguing that I could be blissfully happy with just my simple pastry dough roller and he kept dutifully agreeing until one day the slab roller showed up on our front door step. He’s a good guy, my guy. I’ll keep him.

glazedOver curly mugs in progress
The conical shape of a mug of no matter what shape is often quite aesthetically pleasing as is. As a tumbler, such a shape is sufficient, but as a mug, it requires a handle and the challenge is often to create a handle that doesn’t spoil the balance of the piece or distract from its gracefulness. I’ve been tweaking my handles for a while now and I’ve been listening to the comments of people who drink from them. I’ve gotten quite a few votes in favor of my curly handle design. People say they are not only comfortable, but they’re also kinda cute.

glazedOver curly handles
Here are the handles all curly-Q’d and waiting to be attached.

glazedOver curly mugs
All done and off to the drying rack. Don’t they look like a bunch of annoyed women with their hands on their hips standing around saying:

“Hrumph! Well, will you just look at that!”

glazedOver Neon Cobreen Mug

And here is a sample of  what the future may bring.

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