January 06, 2010

glazedOver Pottery in the Works

Here is some pottery I am working on right now. These are at various stages of air drying. I’m hoping that everything will be sufficiently “bone dry” and ready for the bisque kiln firing before the end of the week.

topview glazedOver ceramic sugar and creamer set glazedOver ceramic sugar and creamer
This is my creamer and sugar set. I recently finished a custom order for these. When this one is complete, I’m planning to list on my shop.

glazedOver pottery sugar and creamer set[1] glazedOver pottery sugar and creamer set[1]
Here is how the custom order came out. I’m very pleased with what the glaze did.

glazedOver tea bag bowls in progressglazedOver ceramics in progress 
Some more tiny tea bag bowls in the works plus some square trays (drying upside down), some buttons, and one bowl I’m making for an experiment with mixed media.

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