January 03, 2012

Refrigerator Blindness

Refrigerator blindness. Don’t laugh, it’s an actual medical condition.

Ok, laugh. It’s alright.

I know what you’re thinking, though. I don’t have it. Nope. No I do not. I can find the milk every time. In fact, I can sit at a distance and verbally navigate my kid to the ketchup in the back left corner of the second shelf, even when I myself didn’t put it there. I’m good at that. Very talented.


…ask me to find anything outSIDE of the fridge and it’s a no-go. I’m utterly blind and completely clueless. So don't ask me where my idea list of what to cook tonight is taped up–or even if it’s up on a cabinet door anywhere in the kitchen at ALL! Which will itself tell you why I have to have an idea list of what to cook tonight in the first place!

So it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that I just stumbled upon this taped inside the door where I keep the Tylenol (and considering that I keep the Tylenol there, you can just imagine how many times I’ve opened up this door):

7 Lessons
1) Get out of your comfort zone.
2) Embrace the late sleepless nights.
3) Speak the language of the individual you want to become.
4) Find a mantra to anchor and guide you.
5) Always stay guided by your values not by your necessities.
6) To achieve unreasonable things, you have to become an unreasonable person.
7) Become hopelessly idealistic about the things that make you feel most alive.

Though I’m sure I was the one who taped this up whenever ago, I just read it now as if for the first time.

Then I took a nice deep breath.

A slow count to five on the inhale, a slow count to five on the exhale.


 Sheva chillaxing

That’s better. The important things.


Happy New Year, everybody!

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