August 09, 2011

Custom order ceramic coffee and tea mugs

Here are some mugs I’ve been working on. They are a custom order for one of  the mechanics who fixes my car. He recently commissioned me to make an 8" x 14" ceramic planter for his two year old daughter. One day she said to him: "Daddy, I want a cactus garden!" Devoted father that he is, he set out to find the perfect planter for her but everything was too small, so he asked me to make him one and write "Kaylee's Garden" on it. When I showed him glaze options by thumbing though listings in my shop, he got keen on my mugs and ordered some. He wanted one for his wife and one for himself. First, he thought to have me write her name and his name on them, but then he changed his mind and went with “tea” and “coffee” instead. I made an extra “coffee” mug just for good measure. I’ve listed that in my shop here.

This is the process photo of his mugs:







And here’s how they turned out. I love them!

coffee and tea mugs complete

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