September 18, 2010

glazedOver Clayground at the Sayville Library

This past week, I taught a kids clay class at the Sayville Library and it was so much fun. The title of the program was “Back to School with the Clayground” and we made pencil holders out of air dry clay.
air dry clay
The reason why we used air dry clay was so that there wouldn’t be the need to fire any of the pieces in the kiln and the kids could bring their work home right away.
 windows on a pencil holder
I brought a few completed examples of different artistic approaches to the design and I showed them to the kids.
tools and materials
Then, once I had illustrated some clay techniques for them using the air dry clay and the tools I had brought, I handed out all of the materials and they got to work.
  hannah's project
The kids had so much fun and their projects came out so cute! I love teaching clay classes to kids. Although the air dry clay we used at the library is not food safe, we use only food safe and lead free clays and glazes in the glazedOver Clayground pottery studio. Our next 8-week session starts October 4th. For more information, check out our flyer or email me at jill[at] for details.

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