February 26, 2010

glazedOver Plumbing Services

glazedOver Plumber This morning, I unpacked the bisque kiln and was all ready to start glazing when I discovered that the drain in the studio sink was clogged…AGAIN!

Several years ago, my husband built the studio for me in the basement just beneath the kitchen (that was the only spot we could allocate). As it stands, the water from the kitchen sink drains through the studio pipes and then goes out under the entire house (over 30’) to the cesspool. Unfortunately, periodically the studio gets clogged and it drives me nuts and puts me out of commission each time.

Instead of calling the Chief Operating Plumber, who labored for over an hour last time, I did it myself. The COP was on hand capture the moment.

Enjoy, if that’s your thing.

That's a big job...Oh yeah, that's gonna cost you.

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