April 21, 2009

Career Day

"What are you?" was the question most asked as I sat throwing at the pottery wheel at Lincoln Avenue Elementary School's annual Career Day last week.

"I'm an artist; a potter," I said with a gleaming sparkle hopping off one of my front teeth.

The wheel itself that they brought for me to work on was severely under par. I had to compensate by using more strength and I have the sore muscles to prove it, but otherwise the day was a joy! The kids showered me with "ooooohs and "aaaahs" and that did wonders for my ego!

Interesting- the younger ones were so verbal, asking me a million questions. The fourth and fifth graders were already more self aware and very cautious about what they asked lest they might sound silly. They wouldn't have, of course...no question is a silly one. Still, they were as glued to me as the little ones were; some even resisted the magnetic pull to join in the Freeze Dance that the DJ was conducting. ..gosh!

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